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The Great Hunters

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The Great Hunters Listed Below

P.J. Pretorius CMG, DSO| South African Great Hunter His life was one of hardships, demanding resilience and independence. A brutal slave trade was still in existence and the tribesmen were suspicious of all intruders. Once Pretorius was almost killed when falsely accused of murdering a chief. The actual culprit was later sentenced to be roasted alive. After a trip to Europe, Pretorius returned to what was then Tanganyika and tried to farm in the Rufiji Delta.

Victor Pohl South African Born Great Hunter One of a large farming family, Pohl spent an idyllic childhood in wild country on the border of present-day Lesotho and the Orange Free State. Born in 1886, he moved as a very young child to the farm Alpha on the banks of the Caledon River.

Harry Wolhuter Lion Killer Sabi Gamer Reserve 1903 Today in the Kruger Park there are 3 brass plaques that locate the major components of the action that night in 1903 when Wolhuter was (1) attacked by a lion, (2) dragged some 50 metres and (3) where he climbed a tree after killing the lion with his knife.

Parker Gillmore One of The Great Hunters of the 19th Century Unlike many of his contemporaries, Gillmore had a distaste for the wanton slaughter of big-game. “I shoot to fill the pot” he writes in his introduction to The Great Thirstland. “When that is done I cease to take the lives of valuable food-furnishing animals.

Frederick Courteney Selous | Great African Hunter Between 1876 and 1878 Selous penetrated beyond the Zambesi into the Kafue country. Inn 1879 he traveled to the Mashukulumbwe

Sir William Cornwall Harris Few men could have packed more adventure into a comparatively short life than William Harris. He also had the double talents of writer and artist. Born in Wittersham, Kent, in 1807, he was educated at a military college and went at the age of 16 to India as a Second Lieutenant in the East India Company’s Engineers.

African Elephant Hunter | William Cotton Oswell Great White Hunter A man of sympathetic, generous nature, Oswell was born on 27th April 1818 to a family with strong connexions in the East India Company. He was educated at Rugby and prepared for service in India. In 1837 he left England to become a Collector in the Madras Presidency. In India he soon acquired a reputation as a linguist and an elephant hunter. Repeated attacks of fever caused him to be invalided out to the Cape in 1844.

James Chapman | Great South African Big Game Hunter Chapman was the greatest of South African pioneers of his period, owing to his wide range of interest and his powers of observation, which were the equal of Livingstones.

African Lion Hunter | Roualeyn George Gordon Cumming But his great size, strength and magnificent appearance were an inevitable part of the man who came to be called The Lion Hunter. After his collection of African trophies weighing more than 27,21 metric tons were shown at the Great Exhibition in London in 1851, he attained great popularity in the U.K. as a lecturer on wild life and the chase.

William Charles Baldwin | Great Big Game Hunter in South Africa William Baldwin had, by his own confession, an innate love of sports, dogs and horses. Born in Leyland, Lancashire, on the 3rd March 1826 or 1827 (the confusion is due to conflicting testimony of his tombstone and his brothers biography), he was pony riding two days a week from the age of six. He continued to ride until old age, taking part in a steeple chase at seventy.