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The Great Hunters

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The Great Hunters Described Some of the Most Wonderful Southern African Sightings Imaginable

From the Victoria Falls and mighty Zambezi to the massive herds of migrating Springboks and what we now know to be The Okavango Swamps the Great Hunters were inspired to write their stories, tales and notes for public consumption mainly back home in England.

Discovery Lake Ngami in Botswana | Cotton Oswell & David Livingstone The scenery generally along the river was magnificent. Trees of great size, rich in foliage, fringed it on either side; now it is shut in between high steep banks, and runs black and deep; now it opens out into a broader and shallower bed dotted with banks and islands.

Victoria Falls and The Zambezi | William Charles Baldwin Recalls

In August 1860 the hunter reached the Zambesi (or Victoria) Falls. Their majestic power excited him to descriptive passages unusual in his book. Here he met Dr. Livingstone.