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The Great Hunters

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Great Escapes from Big Game Told By The Great Hunters Themselves

The bravery of the great hunters, loose in Southern Africa, is hard to comprehend when we are surrounded by all the mod cons, health remedies and communications by cellphones, satellite and GPS

The Night 2 Lions Attacked Harry Wolhuter in the Sabi Game Reserve 1903  And Wolhuter survived to tell his own story; in fact one of the best known big game stories of all time. Here's the story in Wolhuter's own words.

African Buffalo Hunting and Escapes ... Frederick Courteney Selous  All representations of South African buffaloes charging with their heads lowered are purely imaginary, as they never do so; but on the contrary invariably hold noses straight out, and lay their horns back over the shoulders. They lower their heads just as they strike.

A Dangerous Lion Hunt by "The Lion Hunter", Roualeyn George Gordon Cumming In March 1844 Cumming and his party arrived at a deserted Boer house in the neighbourhood of the Riet River, present day Orange Free State. On the night of the 19th, the hunter heard an animal cry not known to him before. As if accustomed to the sound from infancy he recognized it at once as a lions roaring, and resolved to hunt the animal.

Lost & No water in the African Veld | Sir William Cornwallis Harris In December 1936 Harris, Richardson and their party were in the untracked wilderness desperately short of water. Christmas day brought the discovery of a fountain but also led to a near tragedy.

Buffalo Big Game Hunting Escape by William Charles Baldwin | One of The Great Hunters Four years later, on his third hunting trip into the Zulu country, he was better prepared for the sudden attacks of the buffalo.

Cape Buffalo Hunts South Africa | Big Game Hunting Escape More escapes while hunting one of Africa's most dangerous wild animals and member of the Big 5.

Crocodile Hunting Escapes by William Charles Baldwin | One of The Great Hunters I need hardly say I lost not an instant in getting ashore again, and did not think much at the time (which is often the case) of what a foolish thing it was to do, and what a narrow escape I had had.

Elephant Big Game Elephant Hunting Escape by William Charles Baldwin | One of The Great Hunters Hunting on foot once in the Entumeni Bush(9), I had a very narrow escape from an old bull elephant which I had wounded. He gave chase, and I took up the hill; the ground was very wet and slippery heaps of dead leaves, no heels to my veldt shoes

Southern African Veld Fire | Great Hunter, William Charles Baldwin Recalls We had just had a very narrow escape of being burnt up; our road lay through thick mapani trees (1), with tall white grass, thick and dry as a deal board, on each side. Some had set the grass on fire in fifty places behind us and below the wind.