The Ethics of Modern-Day Trophy Hunting: Examining the Controversial Legacies of Cecil the Lion and Other High-Profile Hunts

The death of Cecil the Lion in 2015 sparked an international outcry and ignited a national debate about trophy hunting. While the event was certainly tragic, it also shone a light on other high-profile cases involving endangered and/or protected species being targeted for their parts or trophies. From Los Angeles to Africa and everywhere in…

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The Hunting Techniques of Native American Tribes: Learning from the Wisdom of Traditional Hunters

For centuries, the cultures of various Native American tribes have provided us with a great opportunity to gain valuable insights into our relationship with nature. From their stories and practices, we can learn how they lived in harmony with the land around them as hunters and gatherers. By understanding traditional hunting methods practiced by indigenous…

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The Legacy of Theodore Roosevelt: Examining the Life and Hunting Adventures of the 26th President of the United States

One of the most influential presidents in American history, Theodore Roosevelt truly left his mark on U.S. politics and culture of the early 20th century. But beyond his famous term in office – famously dubbed ‘The Age of Roosevelt’ by historians – there was another side to Teddy: He was an experienced hunter, who recorded…

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